Non-European Oiled Wildlife Preparedness

Some examples of oiled wildlife response plans outside of Europe are given below:


The Australia Maritime Safety Authority's National Plan for Maritime Environmental Emergencies requires all regions to have a wildlife response plan in place based on the Australian Maritime Safety Authority document: National Guideline for the Development of Oiled Wildlife Response Contingency Plans


Environment Canada's Canadian Wildlife Service provides a draft guidance document: Birds and Oil - CWS Response Plan Guidance

New Zealand

Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Plan chapter of the Maritime New Zealand National Marine Oil Spill Contingency Plan

United States

Each state is required to develop contingency plans for oiled wildlife response. Below are a few examples.

California: Wildlife Response Plan for Oil Spills inCalifornia (2011)
Alaska: State of Alaska Division of Spill Prevention and Response Unified Plan provides various documents regarding oiled wildlife response includes: Wildlife Protection Guidelines and  Wildlife Protection Guidelines:Pribilof Islands