July 1 2011

Research grants available from the Oiled Wildlife Care Network

The Californian Oiled Wildlife Care Network has published its 2011-2012 call for research proposals from wildlife professionals interested in improving oiled wildlife response and gaining a better understanding of the effects of oil on wildlife. The OWCN sponsors up to $250,000 a year to support research and technology development.

May 11 2010

Deepwater Horizon Deepwater Horizon Breaking news – wildlife response operations following the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico

Leading US wildlife response groups have been mobilised to the Gulf of Mexico to help local responders deal with oiled wildlife following the oil spill from the Deepwater horizon drilling rig, which sank following an explosion and fire on 20 April.

February 11 2010

EMPOWER Applications are rolling in

Since EMPOWER membership was opened in November 2009, applications to join the network are starting to roll in to Sea Alarm’s mailbox. As Secretariat for the EMPOWER initiative, Sea Alarm will formally submit these applications to the EMPOWER Steering Group for consideration every two months. The accepted members are listed here.

February 10 2010

Join up to EMPOWER now!

Apply for EMPOWER membership and you could become part of an international organisation promoting professionalism in oiled wildlife response.

For an oiled wildlife response plan to work well, NGO contributions need to be fully integrated into the governmental response, which can only be effective if NGOs are seen by the authorities as professional and reliable partners. EMPOWER is a European network which will build and reinforce these partnerships and formalise them as part of national oil spill response planning. EMPOWER will help its members to facilitate activities which improve preparedness for oiled wildlife and other marine emergencies.

What’s in it for you – a potential Member?

January 28 2010

Baltic planning workshop October 2009

Sea Alarm and WWF Finland organised an international workshop on oiled wildlife response planning for countries bordering the Baltic Sea. The workshop took place in Tallinn on 5 October 2009, back to back with the Effects of Oil on Wildlife Conference which allowed participants to take advantage of both events.

January 19 2010

10th International Effects of Oil on Wildlife Conference 2009

The 10th International Effects of Oil on Wildlife (EOW) Conference was held in the enchanting city of Tallinn, Estonia the week of 5-9 October 2009. The scientific programme took place from 4-8 October, with optional side events organised on Monday, 5 October and Friday, 9 October. This was a highly successful event, being attended by 148 participants from 25 countries.

December 10 2009

Recruitment for OWCN Response Veterinarian

The UC Davis Wildlife Health Center is currently recruiting for an Associate Wildlife Veterinarian who will lead oiled wildlife care functions for the Oiled Wildlife Care Network (OWCN) in California. This position will support the OWCN Director by overseeing animal care readiness and response for oil spills throughout California; supervising the rehabilitation efforts of animals affected during spills; management of training programs directed at staff and volunteers for oil wildlife care; conducting research to promote “best achievable care” of oil-affected wildlife; and assisting with teaching and public service. For more information and how to apply, click here. For more information on the Oiled Wildlife Care Network visit

November 20 2009

First EMPOWER application received!

Could it be faster? Within 24 hours after sending out the invitation to European NGO’s the Secretariat already has received the first Membership application electronically from the DUTCH SEABIRD GROUP. Congratulations!

November 19 2009

EMPOWER membership opened

On Wednesday, 18 November membership was officially opened for the EMPOWER Network. After almost 6 months of preparationn the Network is now ready to expand beyond the 9 Founding Members. The EMPOWER Secretariat has started to send out invitations to a large number of organisations in Europe to join EMPOWER as a Network Member. Hugo Nijkamp seen here signing the EMPOWER Code of Conduct on behalf of Sea Alarm Foundation

November 16 2009

EMPOWER at the Effects of Oil on Wildlife Conference

The 10th International Effects of Oil on Wildlife Conference was held in Tallinn, Estonia, from 5 to 9 October 2009. This conference is known as the most important event in the field of oiled wildlife response and preparedness.