July 26 2016

Job Opening: Project Manager, Wildlife Response, Massey University, New Zealand

The Institute of Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Sciences at Massey University, Palmerston North, invites applications for a Project Manager to provide support for the development of a training programme in oiled wildlife response.

February 22 2016

Mystery spill on US river affects geese and other waterfowl

In February 2016, Tri-Sate Bird Rescue and Research cleaned over thirty birds, most of them Canada geese, after they were exposed to mineral oil that leaked from a Virginia power station.

February 2 2016

Geese and ducks affected by jet fuel spill in the US

The Virginia Beach Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and other  local wildlife rehabilitation organisations are caring for nearly 60 ducks and geese affected by a jet fuel spill in the US.

January 8 2016

Seabird population review shows long-term declines

A retrospective study published in the fall of 2015, looked at seabird populations from 1950 to 2010, and found the overall long-term trend for most species was downward. The University of British Columbia–based authors suggest that multiple factors play a role.

November 30 2015

Diesel fuel spill affects ducks and turtles in North Carolina, USA

Twenty mallards and ten freshwater turtles were rescued and taken into care in late November, 2015 in the North Carolina city of Charlotte after 1000 US gallons of diesel spilled into a creek.

November 20 2015

Publications on wildlife affected by the M/VRena oil spill indicate value of response

Data collected following the 2011 M/V Rena spill in New Zealand document recovery of a population of endangered dotterels after pre-emptive capture and management, and normal behavior in little blue penguins released after cleaning and rehabilitation.

September 21 2015

More data emerging on long-term impacts of oil on wildlife

A number of studies are finding links to oil exposure as a factor in wildlife population health over time. Much of the recent research has focused on fish and benthic invertebrates but work continues on determining the role of the Deepwater Horizon incident in dolphin deaths in Barataria Bay, Louisiana and great northern diver populations that overwinter in the Gulf.

August 21 2015

Spill response plan for polar bears emphasises preventive measures

The US Fish and Wildlife Service’s recently released Oil Spill Response for Polar Bears in Alaska focuses on keeping oil away from polar bears, acknowledging that there is limited capacity to care for these large marine animals once they are oiled.

August 3 2015

First report of seabirds and turtles affected by Great Barrier Reef mystery spill

A spill of unknown origin was reported off of Queensland, Australia on 17 July 2015 but no reports of impacts on wildlife were confirmed until 30 July. Two flatback turtles and two brown boobies were the first oiled wildlife to be brought in. Oil has reached beaches near Ingham and and on Hinchinbrook and Palm Islands.

July 16 2015

More than 90 ducks affected after truck accident spills oil into creek in Canada

The Toronto Wildlife Centre is caring for more than 90 oiled ducks from the Mimico Creek area in Toronto after three electrical transformers being transported on a truck that rolled over on a highway ramp leaked an estimated 8,000 litres of oil.