July 24 2020

Advanced oiled wildlife responder training event in Belgium

EUROWA Network partner Wildlife Rescue Centre Ostend hosted an international Advanced oiled wildlife responder event in Belgium earlier this year at the Wildlife Rescue Centre Ostend.

July 24 2020

Growing pool of trained responders in the Netherlands

A EUROWA BASIC oiled wildlife responder course was held on 8 February 2020 in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, under the framework of the Dutch national Oiled Wildlife Project 2017-22.

July 24 2020

EUROWA webpages on are updated

In June and July 2020, the EUROWA pages of were updated and refreshed, reflecting important changes within EUROWA.                                                             

April 29 2020

Spanish workshop highlights oiled wildlife response stakeholder cooperation

Spanish oiled wildlife response stakeholders came together on 3 and 4 March 2020 in Madrid at the headquarters of the Fundación Biodiversidad for an oiled wildlife workshop focused on improving processes for oiled wildlife response at the regional

December 23 2019

Oiled wildlife response workshop and EUROWA training held in Poland

In September, Sea Alarm, in cooperation with WWF Poland, presented a National Workshop on Oiled Wildlife Response Planning in Poland, followed by a EUROWA Basic Response training.

September 23 2019

EUROWA Summit and equipment inspection in Belgium

In June 2019, EURopean Oiled Wildlife Assistance (EUROWA) Network members, and interested potential members, met in Ostende to strengthen their cooperation and define the decision-making structure which will support EUROWA’s function in European o

July 30 2019

EUROWA Veterinary Specialist training held in Belgium

In April 2019, sixteen veterinarians from seven European nations attended a course in Ostend, Belgium to earn the Veterinary Specialist Qualification under the EURopean Oiled Wildlife Assistance (EUROWA) network.

March 22 2019

EUROWA equipment stockpile now in Ostend

Recently Belgian authorities approached Sea Alarm with the offer to help to house the EUROWA equipment stockpile. That equipment has now been moved to a warehouse in Ostend.

March 22 2019

New European oiled wildlife preparedness project begins with Bow Jubail debrief

A new oiled wildlife preparedness project, which builds on the previously EU-funded European Oiled Wildlife Response Assistance (EUROWA) training and preparedness programme, is underway.

January 22 2019

EUROWA Module activated during the Bow Jubail oil spill response

Within hours of the of the chemical tanker Bow Jubail incident in Rotterdam Harbour in the Netherlands, hundreds of mute swans moulting in the harbour area were oiled.