Protocol - Animal care during an oiled wildlife response

The document in this section is designed to provide guidance for oiled bird rehabilitation in the aftermath of oil spill emergencies and comprises Part B of the EUROWA Standards series.

The purpose of making the document in this section freely downloadable is to reach as many people and organisations working in Oiled Wildlife Response as possible, with the goal of collaboration and sharing good practice, increasing knowledge and skills and encouraging networking and collaboration amongst responders. In this way we hope that good practices, which ensure the highest level of care for wildlife, are in immediate reach for those who wish to implement them, whenever needed.

For this reason, the document published here may be downloaded and used or quoted without permission, although we kindly ask you to keep us informed regarding your usage, successes and problems. Suggestions for improvement of oiled wildlife response procedures, as well as the document itself are very welcome. Please send your remarks to

The right to make any amendment, review and/or update of the document or the material herein is reserved by the EUROWA Secretariat (provided by Sea Alarm). No part of this document shall be lent, sold, hired or circulated for commercial purposes.

Disclaimer: Reading this protocol as a 'cook book' without any previous experience in oiled bird rehabilitation is not a substitute for following hands-on training under the guidance of experienced oiled wildlife responders. Without such training the use of this protocol may not result in the successful rehabilitation of oiled birds and may, in some situations, harm the birds under care. Sea Alarm and the EUROWA Network cannot be held responsible for eventual poor results achieved while using this protocol during an oiled wildlife response.

This protocol is provided in good faith as a guide for oiled wildlife responders for their information and use only subject to a number of terms and conditions. Click here to accept the terms and conditions and download the document. If you are already logged in, you can download the document again here.