Sea Alarm Conferences

5th Sea Alarm Conference

The Fifth Sea Alarm Conference was the 2009 Effects of Oil on Wildlife (EOW), co-sponsored with Oil Spill Response (OSR) and the Estonia Fund for Nature. For more on this conference visit the EOW Conferences page.

4th Sea Alarm Conference

The Fourth Sea Alarm Conference was held 1-3 October 2007, in Ostend, Belgium, where thousands of birds were treated in the aftermath of the Tricolor incident in 2003. The programme provided an overview of all relevant aspects of oiled wildlife response, planning and cooperation including: Planning and stakeholder involvement; Rehabilitation and post-release survival; Scientific aspects of a wildlife response; International cooperation; Design and use of mobile units and equipment; Capacity building in Europe; and Financial aspects of a wildlife response. In addition, a unique exposition of wildlife response equipment and mobile was organised. Please visit the conference website for additional information. 

3rd Sea Alarm Conference

The Third Sea Alarm Conference held November 1-2 2004 in Balbriggan, Ireland, focused on improving oiled wildlife preparedness response in Europe. Representatives from wildlife response organisations, governmental agencies, and the industry discussed past oiled wildlife incidents, good practices in wildlife response planning, international response expertise and opportunities for cooperation. A joint declaration was adopted and published together with the Conference proceedings. The proceedings can be downloaded from the Sea Alarm website

2nd Sea Alarm Conference

The Second Sea Alarm Conference was held in the Hague, the Netherlands in November 2001. 16 organisations from ten European countries gathered to formally establish their international cooperation concerning response preparedness for oil spills that affect marine wildlife.  The proceedings can be downloaded from the Sea Alarm website

1st Sea Alarm Conference

The First Sea Alarm Conference was held in November 2000 in Pieterburen, the Netherlands. It was agreed at the Conference that Sea Alarm would act on behalf of a representative group of European marine wildlife rehabilitators and would coordinate the development of a Programme of Action based on the ideas expressed at the meeting. The report can be accessed at the Sea Alarm website.