Refugio Bay

Source of pollution: 
Animals affected
Total number of oiled birds counted: 
Number of live oiled birds counted: 
Nearly 300 birds of 7 species, 74 California sea lions, 6 northern elephant seals, 6 common seals, and 3 long-beaked common dolphins
Species affected: 
Brown pelican, common guillemot, Pacific loon, sooty shearwater, double-crested cormorant, Brandt's cormorant, red-throated loon, northern elephant seal, California sea lion, common seal, long-beaked common dolphin
Number of birds released: 
Number of birds into intake: 

A Plains All American Pipeline underground pipeline ruptured near Refugio State Beach and most of the oil ran down a ravine under the nearby Highway 101 and into the ocean.

Amount and type of oiled spilled: 
more than 123,000 US gallons crude oil
Wildlife Response: 

The Oiled Wildlife Care Network was activated with the majority of the birds being taken to the International Bird Rescue Southern California facility.  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Marine MammalStranding Network responded to the marine mammals.

Publications and links: 

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