October 4 2017

EUROWA used in oiled wildlife preparedness training for Arctic Russia

A pilot project to begin integration of wildlife rescue into oil spill response in Arctic Russia included a two-day EUROWA Basic Responder Course, which took place in Russia in August 2017.

October 3 2017

Management training for authorities: a new addition to the EUROWA training suite

Sea Alarm has now developed a one-day Oiled Wildlife Response Managers training course which has been added to the EUROWA suite of courses.

October 2 2017

Oiled wildlife response exercise in the Wadden Sea

Elements from the EUROWA Basic Responder Course have been used in a large scale exercise organized in the Dutch Wadden Sea, which took place in early September 2017.

October 1 2017

EUROWA capacity in the EU

The European Commission has recently given its final technical and financial approval of the EUROWA project, marking the completion of an important first stage in developing international oiled wildlife response capability in Europe.

December 30 2016

Future of EUROWA and the EUROWA newsletter

Now that the EU-funded project is closing, what happens with EUROWA, the EUROWA Module, and this newsletter? Although the EU-funded project is closing, it does not mean that the cooperation of those involved in the project will sunset.

December 28 2016

The EUROWA Project comes to a close

The EUROWA Project Team gathered for their last Team Event to showcase SPECIALIST training and exercise modules, and to evaluate and close the EU-funded project.

December 27 2016

Training events a great step toward increased oiled wildlife response capacity in Europe

In September and October the EUROWA project held a series of pilot training events in Belgium designed to test courses developed over the last two years.  Participants with varying levels of expertise and experience from ten European countries gat

December 24 2016

Exercise and evaluation improves management of specialist response equipment

EUROWA partners met in Hamburg for a second equipment inspection and evaluation exercise aimed at refining and maintaining the stockpile of specialised oiled wildlife response supplies in readiness.

July 5 2016

Sea Alarm introduces the EUROWA SOP to Regional Agreements

A key element of the EUROWA Module project is to reach out to the anticipated end-users and to explain what is being developed and how the Module would benefit various stakeholders in European countries once it is up and running.

July 5 2016

EUROWA training manual series being developed

The EUROWA project partners are tasked with developing training course materials aimed at certifying responders and veterinarians at different functional levels within a response team.